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This 18V cordless drill is a tough and also proven product, capable of tackling heavy-duty jobs. Valued at $119 on, the Makita cordless drill features a 4-pole motor, capable of providing 400 in.lbs. For Pros searching for the best cordless drill for the money, the KDD524B-03 might be impossible to defeat. For an additional choice, the Bosch PS32 12V Max EC brushless drill takes the 12V creed to heart-- begin with a lightweight, portable style as well as construct from there. At 1.96 lbs, Bosch wins the weight war as the only tool/battery combination we checked under 2 pounds. Significantly, the Bosch 12V FlexiClick design dropped in 2nd at simply 2.24 pounds. We also can't forget to explain that Milwaukee One-Key gives this drill some capabilities that make it especially suitable for building as well as profession usage.

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