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Dr Kent H Tan is a male General Dentist who speaks Mandarin (as competently as English). After studying at some of the world's leading universities and dental institutions, Dr Kent Tan fixed to make Perth his home. Each year, Dr Tan performs amid 500 - 1000 dental implants, fittingly it's no wonder he is intensely regarded as an elite dental implant dentist. After graduating from the university of Queensland and receiving the 'Professor R R Stephens' prize, Dr Kent Tan allied a practice specialising in oral surgery and dental implants. higher than the adjacent four years, he honed his skills and built the foundations for his career. Dr Tan went upon to further his qualifications by obtaining a Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal instructor of Surgeons of Edinburgh, one of the most conventional and respected surgical corporations in the world. This was followed when even additional study, graduating from the Master Clinician Programme in Implant Dentistry in Los Angeles, USA. Dr

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