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por Ruby dylan (2021-02-18)

All of these areas need to work together harmoniously to create clear single vision. The systems of the vision system are the cornea (the clear outermost disc covering the eye that lets in focused light). The lens (located behind the pupil, focuses light onto the retina). The extraocular eye muscles (necessary to perform the eye's movements). The nerves (carry visual information from the eyes to the brain). The brain (several areas process visual information received from the eyes). The most common cause of eyesight problems is likely genetics. Some people are simply more prone than others to problems with their eyes. Damage to the eyes, on the other hand, is commonly caused by overuse, trauma, and disease. Depending on the problem, the disorder could be linked to any number of causes, so it is a good idea to figure out the specific components of the eyesight problems before seeking a diagnosis. Once the problem has been identified further, the causes can be more readily identified.