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por Alger Frank (2020-05-11)

Convenient Malta travel experience

Malta is a small island nation in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, which attracts a lot of tourists to visit because of its beautiful landscapes and diverse and attractive cuisines here. So do you want to make a trip to Malta on the upcoming vacation? If you want, please follow to follow the article below to  share the full, detailed, updated Malta travel experience .

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Blessed with a mild climate, you can make a trip to Malta at any time of the year. However, for you to have a fun, more attractive trip, with Malta's self-sufficient, favorable travel experience , it is recommended that you go in the summer, the period from May to October, this is the time for Ideal Malta travel destination . By this time, not only the weather is cool, pleasant, but this time also takes place a lot of interesting, interesting festivals in Malta .

If you want to travel in Malta , you should make the trip between July and September. This is the hottest time of the year, the temperature is up to about 30 degrees Celsius, along with this time. Blue sea, calm waves are suitable for swimming, swimming.

The beauty of Malta How to travel to Malta / Malta travel

Currently in Vietnam, there are 3 major airlines operating routes to Malta: Air France, Emirates and Turkish Airlines. However, none of the airlines have direct flights to Malta that you will have to transit at some point. With Malta travel experience self-sufficient, safe, convenient and cheap , I recommend choosing Turkish Airlines to make the trip. By good service quality, cheap ticket prices, convenient and fast flight.

Transportation in Malta:

To move in Malta there are many means for you to choose such as: Taxi, bicycle or bus. If you travel to Malta with a long journey, the bus will be the most suitable vehicle, because it just saves you money traveling to Malta , but the route is very safe and convenient. And the taxi is only suitable for short distances, around the city, because the price of the taxi is quite high.

However, if you want to have a truly perfect Malta trip, then according to Malta's travel experience is fun, attractive and perfect , you should choose the form of walking or cycling to be able to see for yourself. breaking the entire island nation of Malta is also an extremely attractive and memorable experience.

Vehicles in MaltaWhere to travel while in Malta? Motel, comfortable hotel, quality in Malta

Although Malta is a small island, the system of motels and hotels in Malta has developed quite strongly, from the popular motels to the high-class hotels. Besides, if you want to save money on Malta travel , you can rent a hostel, or if traveling with a large group, you can rent apartments, villas.

The price of motels and hotels in Malta here ranges from 30 USD to 100 USD , and can vary depending on the quality of each hotel and the "hotness" of each tourist destination. To make it easier for you to choose a place to stay, here I will advise you some beautiful, quality, cheap motels in Malta for your reference:

Motels, hotels in Malta

Nice motels, cheap hotels in Valletta, Malta:

  • British Hotel : Address: 40 Battery Street, Valletta. 
    - The lowest reference room price is about: 106.67USD.
  • Luciano Valletta Boutique : Address: Merchant Street, 21, Valletta. 
    - The lowest reference room price is about: 144.29 USD.
  • Osborne Hotel : Address: 50 South Street, Valletta. 
    - The lowest reference room price is about: 170.06 USD.

Gozo hotel accommodation, quality accommodation, Malta:

  • Electra Guesthouse : Address: Valley Road Marsalforn, Zebbug, Gozo. 
    - The lowest reference room price is about: 30.92USD.
  • St. Patrick's Hotel : Address: Marina Street, Xlendi, Gozo. 
    - The lowest reference room price is about: 36.07 USD.
  • Grand Hotel : Address: Mgarr, Ghajnsielem, Gozo. 
    - The lowest reference room price is about: 65.96USD.
Where to go, what to play when traveling Malta? Famous places to visit and travel in Malta


Not just the capital of Malta, Valletta with a long history has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage. Moreover, with beautiful natural scenery, possesses a lot of ancient and unique architectural works such as ancient sitting houses, large museums, theaters ... to help visitors in exploring. Therefore, this place has become one of the famous tourist and tourist places in Malta which attracts a lot of tourists. Besides, in Valletta there are still many interesting and interesting activities waiting for you to explore. Make sure you come here and you will have lots of memorable memories.



Is a beautiful small island, with a total area of only about 3.5 km2, but this place offers great beauty that is rare to have, making any visitor here love it. especially Blue Lagoon Bay. With beautiful natural scenery, visitors come here not only enjoy the fresh and airy space but also immerse yourself in the emerald green sea, under the extremely interesting golden sunshine. Perhaps it is because of its beautiful natural scenery that has attracted a lot of tourists to visit and become attractive tourist attractions in Malta.


If you have the opportunity to travel to Malta , you must definitely visit the island of Goza, this is considered one of the three largest islands in Malta . It is not only attractive to visitors by its natural scenery with majestic Window Azure limestone arches, but it is also attractive by ancient, ancient temples with unique designs. Moreover, when you come to Goza island, you will be able to swim peacefully under the clear blue sea extremely attractive. Make sure to come to the island of Goza, this beautiful tourist destination, famous in Malta will not disappoint you.

EnjoymentWhat to eat when traveling to Malta? The delicious food, famous specialties in Malta

The cuisine in Malta is a combination of Italian and French cuisine, so the cuisine here is very diverse and rich, both in form and flavor. And perhaps it is because of this unique combination that creates unique and distinctive cuisines for the beautiful island nation of Malta. Here, there are many attractive dishes for you to enjoy, but among them are some delicious dishes, famous specialties in Malta such as: Breaded fried rabbit, widow's soup, kapunata ... or the Desserts like kannoli are also great.

Breaded rabbit meat