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Top Natal Attractions to -get in Touch With a Travel Agency or a Professional Tour Guide in Brazil

por Stanley Tinline (2020-08-18)

The Capital city of Rio Grande do Norte, the Natal City is famous for its sun-kissed pristine beaches, top-rated attractions, world-class dining establishments, tour nam ninh nightlife and more. This beautiful capital city attracts a huge number of visitors and tourists all year round who want to soak up in the vibrant ambiance of the city and enjoy a wonderful getaway with family and friends. When you are planning a holiday trip with family or friends, it becomes important to rely on a reputable travel agency in Brazil. This will help you to get a reliable assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide in Brazil. With a professional tour nam ninh guide, you will get an opportunity to visit the striking locations, see the best attractions, indulge in exciting activities and enjoy a lively nightlife.

Here is the list of the top attractions to see or explore in Natal with your Brazil tour guide, please have a look!

1. Ponta Negra Beach:
As one of the Natal's iconic landmark, the Ponta Negra Beach is a fishing neighborhood that is located at the extreme south end of the city. Here, you will get an opportunity to see lots of action taking place during the day and night. Having a beautiful coconut lined bay, this urban beach is dotted with many world-class hotels, restaurants, and bars as well as also is famous for the iconic beach-front "Morro de Careca" hill. A lively Ponta Negra Beach is always crowded with all types of people like families, tourists, and surfers.

Wikipedia link for Ponta Negra Beach: website

2. Forte dos Reis Magos:
Founded on 25th December 1599, the Forte dos Reis Magos or the Fortress of Three Wise Men was the first milestone of the city that was built on the top of the reefs. Having a conventional design for a maritime fortress (a five corners stars), the Forte dos Reis Magos was built using wood, bronze, sand, stones and whale oil. You will simply love to explore this attraction with your tour guide who will provide the right information about the history of Forte dos Reis Magos.

Wikipedia link for Forte dos Reis Magos: website

3. Centro de Turismo de Natal:
The Centro de Turismo de Natal is a tourist center that gives you a chance to shop souvenirs. This place has around 38 stores (that sells crafts and souvenirs from Natal city), where you can buy all kinds of handicraft items like hammocks, clothes, and paintings. At this place, you can also find a restaurant to quench your hunger and thirst after a tiring shopping. Located high on a dune (in the district of Petropolis), this neoclassical building- The Centro de Turismo de Natal offers a beautiful sea view.

For more Info about Centro de Turismo de Natal, please browse through this link: website

4. Museum Camara Cascudo:
This is a wonderful museum in Natal that gives you a good information about the history of the city through the eyes of the famous ethnologist Camara Cascudo and also offers a great insight on the city's nordeste culture. The Museum Camara Cascudo is the largest museum in Natal, which is maintained by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte.

Browse through this link to get more information about Museum Camara Cascudo: You can make your Natal holiday trip a memorable and fun-filled affair by relying on a reputable travel agency in Brazil. A registered travel agency will provide the best assistance of an experienced tour guide in Brazil and arrange for you guided tours that will enhance your travel experience.

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