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Halogen Halogen heating system utilize tubes or halogen bulbs to generate heat. Halogen bulbs are really energy effective, they require a large amount of electricity. Halogen-type heating units also provide a fire risk, due to the fragility and high internal temperature level of the heating bulbs. It is advised to utilize just halogen lamps with heat-resistant real estates and an automated shut-down feature for maximum safety. Gas Lp heating unit use fuel-activated conductors that warm surrounding air. Propane is a non-polluting fuel; however, the heat it produces does take in oxygen and give off carbon monoxide. Therefore, gas heating systems are improper for enclosed patio areas. Pick a gas heating unit that has a sensor to shut it down if carbon monoxide gas is detected. The main advantage of propane is its high fuel efficiency that requires very little energy wastage during the heating process. Free-Standing Formed much like lampposts, free-standing heating systems come in both

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