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The site’s monthly subscription allows viewers to a large archive of movies, while a smaller selection of films including recent releases are available to rent on a one-off basis. Here, we’ve focused on the films available to watch right now through the subscription service model. From Italian thrillers to sweet Irish love stories, these are 50 favourite films on the BFI Player right now, listed in no particular order. A Quiet Place is one of the best modern horror movies, and a genuine smash hit of recent years from director John Krasinski.

With Seymour Hicks As Scrooge

The movie attempts to pay homage to the original x-men films that the prequels attempt to build from the success of, by featuring silhouettes of the original movies characters with a ghost-like face of their prequel counterparts. This just does not playoff, with its lack of visual information or attraction to want to go and see the film stemming from the poster design. The research, using more

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