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“I wish We had ____ with myself.” You complete the blank. Exactly how many times are you off-site, meeting with litigant, only to discover you're missing a type or a brochure that could have helped you summary a discussion? Whether you're in sales, property, consulting or a range of other work opportunities, travel is involved. EEven when you spend nearly all of your time in an office, you've still got to forth travel back again and, bringing assist you often, or you may well be meeting litigant for lunch, and possess that, “I want I had” comment managing through your mind. Are some basics that will benefit everyone here. Front Seat Calendar: Since most people are now reachable anytime by cell phone, you'll want a calendar convenient, whether paper as well as electronic. If you are using an electric calendar but aren't syncing together with your PDA, then you can certainly print out a regular monthly calendar and transport that with you periodically. Notepad: When you have to draw

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