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If your levels remain high, it may suggest that you still have ectopic tissue in your body. If so, you might require much more treatment with methotrexate or surgical procedure to eliminate the tissue. The bright side is that despite the fact that this kind of birth control is taken into consideration long-term, it can be turned around for numerous ladies. Surgical fixing of a tubal ligation is most likely to be successful than ladies having tubal surgical treatment to fix disease-based clogs. Micro-surgical repair service is frequently less expensive than IVF, costing as much as half per shipment. If you have an obstructed tube that is or else healthy and balanced, you have a 20% to 40% possibility of obtaining expectant after surgery. Obstructed tubes are normally diagnosed with a specialized x-ray called a hysterosalpingogram, or HSG. An HSG is among the fundamental fertility tests gotten for every single pair battling to conceive. The examination entails putting a dye with the cervix

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