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Shocktrain was the king of all weapons a while back. It was strong, oppressive and also ... regrettably, it didn't leave much area for a counterplay. The light one stands out however-- it is dramatically harder to make use of due to smaller coverage area (and the fact that Blaze is frequently utilized on faster robots does not help). That lets them to get optimal advantage both of Aegis shield in Tank Mode and added weapon that Attack From gives. Finest players on Fenrir have actually discovered ways to push this Ragnarobot to the restriction by proactively changing forms during combat. Titan briefly activates its Alpha tool as well as boosts its built-in security system, minimizing all inbound damage. The shotgun family of tools; Rumbling, Storm, Gust as a result of their spread will certainly disregard the cloaking of the Shade to a huge measure. Configurations like Thunder Carnage, when effectively ambushes the Spectre will definitely eliminate it.

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