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Resumo da Biografia Reviewed: The CabinZero 44L Backpack


I tested out innovative backpacks from British company CabinZero. Neil Varden, CabinZero's owner and traveler, came up with the idea for an oversized cabin bag that's durable, lightweight, and stylish. He doesn't want to mess with checked baggage. In fact, he hopes that his bag won't crash. Added extras, a built-in found and lost system, and lockable zippers for added security. Cabin size, features and no hassle = CabinZero.


CabinZero is light and spacious


The weather forecast says sunny and rainy, i.e. I have to take these two possibilities into account. We'll also be exploring the vibrant Biarritz and spending time on the beach, so there's plenty of different outfit settings to choose from. This is what I packed in the 44 liter CabinZero package, and its total weight is 9.3 kg. I wear jeans, a shirt, and sneakers on the plane.


I love that this bag can be fully pulled out and unfolded like a suitcase for easy packing. Inside has 1 zippered compartment, 1 mesh pocket and 1 padded laptop compartment. I use packing blocks to help organize my packaging. I used to be a little skeptical, but now I completely convert and use them on most trips.


Fashion Designer


The outside of the backpack is made of durable waterproof polyester, so I don't have to worry about getting wet. These bags are available in different colors. I chose Galactic Green because I wanted something bright, recognizable, and unmistakable. If you want something more subtle, you'll find it too, as there are 21 other colors to choose from. The CabinZero line is available in other sizes and designs.


Multiple carry options


There are compression straps on the side to keep things tidy, although when tightening these straps the straps vibrate, and when I hold the bag by the side handles, I keep stepping on them. I think I can cut them out. The padded shoulder straps mean this bag is comfortable to wear, although I would have liked the chest strap and hip strap to distribute the load more evenly. After a while, the weight tends to pull on my back, which becomes uncomfortable


There are top and side handles. The sturdy, hidden outer compartment zipper looks neat and tidy. The zipper is lockable - though you'll need to provide your own. There is another large compartment with a zipper on the outside.


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