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Full Stack Developer, consultant and instructor of management models, founder at GC Soluções. As does Empowered , even though many superheroes are perfectly human there. Empowered also uses "capes" as a general superhuman term (Black Capes and White Capes for villains and heroes, respectively) "superchicas" for female superheroes and "supervill" for supervillains. "Superhero" and "supervillain" are still sometimes used, however.

1. Be afraid, be very afraid, of economic loss. In hard economic times, many people are afraid of losing their jobs or savings. The art of messing up your life consists of indulging these fears, even when there's little risk that you'll actually suffer such losses. Concentrate on this fear, make it a priority in your holococriação elainne ourives life, moan continuously that you could go broke any day now, and complain about how much everything costs, particularly if someone else is buying. Try to initiate quarrels about other people's feckless, spendthrift ways, and suggest that the recession has resulted from irresponsible fiscal behavior like theirs.

Sanctuary uses the term "abnormals" for humans with strange qualities. The Temps shared world of tongue-in-cheek British superheroics used "paranorm". As well as the accepted and standard term, however, it was also a slur used by All of the Other Reindeer The powered individuals themselves preferred "Talented".

The Global Occult Coalition, which is one of the SCP Foundation's rival organizations, classifies anomalous humanoids with color codes. For example, a Type Green is a Reality Warper , Type Blue is a Thaumatologist , and Type Black is a Demi-Deity. More code words are listed on this page.

With such huge potential for driving progress, I welcome the call for increased funding in data systems to support the SDGs, and note that by boosting evidence-based decision-making and improving early intervention mechanisms - such investment would make funding go further in the medium to long term.

Practice putting yourself in the physiological state that represents your negative identity. For example, if your negative identity is Depressed Person, hunch your shoulders, look at the floor, breathe shallowly. It's important to condition your body to help you reach your negative peak as quickly as possible.

In the universe of Paul Dini's Madame Mirage , all enhanced humans, Mad Scientists , and users of Powered Armor and other exotic technology alike are all called "mega-techs" or just "megas" for short. On the TV version of Painkiller Jane , all those with powers except for the title character are called Neuros, short for Neurological Aberration.

My Hero Academia inverts this trope. 80% of the world's population has some sort of superpower (referred in-universe as "Quirks"), meaning that superpowered individuals are actually the norm (however, not every superpowered individual becomes a superhero, with most of them living ordinary lives). As such, the term "Quirkless" is often used to refer to those individuals who belong to the remaining 20% of the population who have no superpowers.

Ayize Jama-Barrett's novel The Liminal People has the protagonist referring to himself and other superpowered individuals as "liminal" or existing in a liminal state as they are usually on the fringes of society. Petro Poroshenko noted that the intellectual potential of the academy was necessary for the implementation of judicial reform. "I think that the law academy knows well that the main reform is judicial reform," the President said.

In New Vindicators , the superhumans are called Super Powered Beings ("speeb" is an insulting term), with further sub groups. Those who have psionic powers (that any human can potentially unlock) are called Espers, while the majority are called Neo-Sapiens. The Neos are descended from Biblical Nephilim, the children of fallen angels and humans, and Nephilim are still around, though few know of them as a distinct group.