Nursing care for patients with bipolar affective disorder: a report of experience / Cuidados de enfermagem ao portador de transtorno afetivo bipolar: relato de experiência

Márcia Astrês Fernandes, Lara Emanueli Neiva de Sousa, Aline Raquel de Sousa, Mariza Márcia Rodrigues Gomes, Mykaely Felix Evangelista


Objective: To report our experience in caring for a patient with bipolar disorder in a psychiatric hospital in Teresina-PI. Methodology: This is a type of research experience report, conducted from January to February 2011, while conducting extracurricular academic activities carried out on the premises of a Public Psychiatric Hospital, Teresina-Piauí. Results: The experience showed as the implementation of nursing care interferes positively in the context of a mental patient with affective mood disorder. Conclusion: Therefore, it was possible to understand how nursing interventions to this type of clientele collaborate on improving the quality of life and even provides increased knowledge about care in psychiatry. Keywords: Bipolar disorder. Nursing. Patient-Centered Care.

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